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We have the most talented professionals in this industry.

Our hackers were not born hackers, most of our hackers worked for 10+ years for different companies in the field of telecom, cyber security, server management and most if not all have experience working for companies that build different security setups for different applications. Having worked for such companies gives our hackers an edge and a complete insight of how security works for different applications and hardwares.


My other half had started acting weird lately and started arriving late from work and all of a sudden started having weekend business meetings in other cities. This obviously made me suspicious especially because he put a lock on his phone and wont let me touch it. I then hired hireagearhead.com to be able to see his messages, calls and everything else on his phone to find out he had started seeing another girl, I am now out of the relationship and filed for a divorce. Excellent service from hireagearhead.com , would recommend them to anyone.

– Eliza

Services offered by hireagearhead.com are the best out there as I have found the hard way. I hired a few other companies who stopped responding after receiving money but with hireagearhead.com they completed my phone monitoring work in a timely manner and still providing good after sales service when I have the slightest problem they attend to it immediately .


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